Containerised storage is a very safe and secure method and is used by most reputable companies. Our wooden containers are fork lifted on to our vehicles and then furniture is loaded into them direct from your house.

They are then sealed, returned to the warehouse where the forklift unloads them and stacks them in their designated space. Here they are left until you request them where the process is reversed.

Should you require your possessions to be stored, Peter Cooper Removals can provide safe, secure, hassle free storage for either short or long periods of time. Our purpose built containerised warehouse boasts the finest in security and fire detection systems which are monitored twenty four hours a day.

All of our potential customers are encouraged to come and view our warehousing facility. Customers demand clean, dry, secure and accessible storage and our warehousing facility satisfies these requirements.

We also have an area for larger items that do not fit into containers. These items are labelled and placed on racks in a temperature controlled environment.

We also offer archive and record management storage. We collect, collate and store any amount of files. We also offer a next day file retrieval and delivery service, allowing businesses to operate efficiently without having to find room to store all the relevant files and paperwork.

If You Would Like To Know More About The Storage Options We Can Provide, Please Contact Us!