Owner Pack

We supply 4 sizes of double walled cartons with tape:

• 350 x 350 x 325mm Handies with inserts for Bottles

• 452 x 452 x 290mm for Books

• 452 x 452 x 493mm for China & Glass

• 452 x 452 x 747mm for Linen

These boxes are all flat and can be collected from our offices.

Company Pack

We use the cartons mentioned in the Owner Pack with:
• White Paper to protect your china & glass
• Tissue Paper for the more delicate items
• Bubble Wrap for pictures etc, as an alternative to tissue
• Picture Sleeves for the larger pictures
• Mattress Bags to cover your mattresses
• Padded covers for your upholstered items
• Transit robes with plastic hanging rails will be brought on the day of your removal for transporting your hanging clothes


• Cushion Kraft – This is ideally suited for the protection of antique furniture, table tops etc. It offers more than adequate cushioning; in addition it is non-abrasive, water resistant and ensures virtually total protection for many different types of furniture

• Paper Blanket – This consists of two or three inner piles of embossed paper for cushioning with outer plies of MG Kraft

• Bandage Wrap – Provides maximum protection for chair and table legs

• Cardboard – Protects furniture being exported